Friday, May 28, 2010

Great News!

I’m so excited to share that we just got our son’s second urine test back and it appears normal. If you missed the previous post, my son had a urine test last week that showed an unwanted presence of protein in his urine which the specialist thought may be due to his mood stabilizer. This was disappointing for us because we were having such great success with Trileptal and didn’t want to change his meds again.

So I’m happy to share we can now dismiss the first test and continue with the current medication. I haven’t been this excited about a cup of pee since my pregnancy tests, I think I’ll do my happy dance now with a big ol’ smile on my face! Happy friday everyone!


  1. Yeah for the pee! Good News! Have fun this weekend with family.

  2. Thanks Dawnelle, wish you could be there too!

  3. Great News!!! :0)