Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mean Kids Suck!

Today, my son went to school with a happy smile, a skip in his step and an excitement about showing all his classmates his new eye glasses. But when I picked him up, all joy was stolen. He was teased by his peers and was told he looked stupid, weird and dumb. Ouch!

After getting him home, hugging him and wiping away his tears I tried my best to encourage him and bring a smile back to his face. But he wasn’t the same anymore, his spirit was crushed and no words his mother said was going to change that.

It’s tough enough facing your peers as a kid, but for my son, with all his anxiety issues, it’s so much harder. I think he’s so brave for facing these kids, knowing that there’s a tornado of bad feelings inside his gut. These moments are so hard for me, I want to rescue him from all those mean kids. I want to protect him from the world’s harm since he suffers enough inside his head.

To be honest, I worry about what these moments may do to him. Will he someday get to a place where he can’t recover and no longer wants to live? I would normally never think about these things, but after what we’ve already been through, I know that anything is possible. As much as he rages and behaves violently, I know deep down he’s a fragile little boy.

Tonight my son is no longer wearing his new glasses and I feel angry. My Mama claws are out!


  1. Most Mama Bears would have their claws out. I am sorry this happened to you and your son. Mean people suck!

  2. I am so sorry! I fight the urge very often to take Jada away from everyone. It is tough when their spirit gets crushed.

  3. >:0(
    Those kids suck!!!!
    Send me a photo of him with his glasses so I can tell him how handsome he looks.