Monday, May 10, 2010

There is Love...

Mother’s Day was a treat this year. My husband spoiled me and my kids blessed me with their handmade gifts—which are my favorite. But one gift that I received from my middle child (my 7 year old who doesn’t have a mood disorder) made my heart smile. It was one of those classroom projects, with painted handprints and all. On the back, my son filled out a questionnaire of the top 10 reasons why he loves his mom. I cherished all of his cute answers, but the last answer stuck with me. It said:

“I love my Mom because she works so hard at helping my brother.”

Reading those words gave me such joy. Even though there’s been so much chaos in our home, my children still see the love. My greatest commitment as a parent, that I swore to myself during my first pregnancy, was that my kids would feel loved above all else. Now, I had no idea then what road laid ahead and raising a child with a mood disorder has left me wondering at times if they see the love. I wonder if during the rages when we’re trying to regain control of our oldest son, if our younger children see this as fights? Do they understand where our hearts are as we hold our screaming son during a rage? I know my boys are young, so it’s hard to tell what they think of all this, but I smiled as I read this mother’s day card because it reassures me that there is love, and he sees it.


  1. How wonderful, to have that reassurance! I feel so very sad about the chaotic lives my NT kids have lived since their youngest brother was born. We've worked hard to make sure that they know we love them deeply and would do all that we've done for Carter, for them. I hope it's been enough.