Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ask A Bipolar

I’m so excited to share with you Ask A BipolarThis is a new website created by two great gals who want to reach out to those who have questions about bipolar disease. This is not a medical site and they don’t claim to be giving medical advice, but what they do give is down to earth, real answers from their own experience of living with bipolar illness.

What I like about this site is that it provides a perspective from more than one viewpoint. Marybeth, from Beneath the Smiles and Sarcasm blog is a mom raising a son that has been diagnosed with bipolar, but she herself lives with the disease, so she can share with us a mother’s perspective as well as an adult’s. Then there’s Erika, yes you guessed it, from Meet Erika, and she’s a 14 yr. old girl that can give the teen perspective.

Now if you’re like me, searching for answers and understanding, I strongly encourage you to check out this website and please, ask them a question. We can all learn something from them and the more questions we ask, the more understanding we can have. I can personally share that I’ve asked both of them many questions in the past and have gained perspectives that were not possible from any mood disorder book. Even if your child has not been diagnosed with bipolar, like my son, you can still ask them about certain behaviors since many mood disorders share the same symptoms.

Now I’m not trying to claim that they’ll have all the answers or that every person suffering with this disease would respond the same, but what I can promise is that these gals are genuine and really care about this community and want to reach out and help in any way they can. I really admire their courage in opening up their lives and I’m so thankful that they’ve given us this gift in their website.

Check it out at:


  1. Thanks you so much Mama Bear. You are WONDERFUL! (Might have to think about having you on for some guests posts...)


  2. Mama are doing wonderful things with this blog. Just know that you are a wonderful mother and your family is lucky and blessed to have you!!

  3. Thank you Dawnelle, I just hope other families can benefit from this blog like I have.