Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Auditory Hallucinations—What works?

Today I got a question from a follower under an old post, Crying After the Kids Go to Sleep and I wanted to post the question here so that those with experience can give your feedback. Here it is:

I just found this blog and applaud your openness. There are many of us out there going through this with our kids. I have a 17 year old daughter who has auditory hallucinations and is so scared that it has impacted her life in many ways. We have a great doctor who has tried many meds and alsoover 60 ECT treatments and we seem to be in the same place. If anyone else out there has experienced these auditory hallucinations and has any ideas about how to cope with them, please post a response.

* * *

Check back tomorrow for an insightful and encouraging interview with one of my followers “In The Pink” who will be sharing her story with us as she finds balance in her adult life while living with Bipolar 1 disorder.


  1. I have auditory hallucinations quite a bit. We have tried meds over and over but it only controls them somewhat. I have never had ECT before. I cope with them in a couple of ways. I put an earplug in one ear. It drowns them out some. I also tell them to "shush" and I will deal with them later. Plus, if I can stay distracted, it really helps. They don't go away but they are "tamed" for the time being. Using a "benzo" such as Ativan and Xanax have also helped calm me so I can deal with them effectively. I hope this helps.

  2. Abilify works for my auditory hallucinations. Haven't had any in over a year I think.

  3. I really appreciate the comments from both Shari and In the Pink. Shari, using the benzo is somthing that hasn't been tried yet, so that is also great info. I feel very comfortable ont this website and thank Mama Bear for using this forum to help others. This is very personal, but so good to hear perspectives from others! Thank you!!