Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Mental Illness Happy Hour

I’m a huge podcast fan. My family will testify that I’m often wearing my headphones, hmmm... maybe it’s a survival technique as a stay-at-home mom. Anyway, I recently started trying out new podcasts when I came across one called The Mental Illness Happy Hour. It’s a weekly, hour long podcast hosted by comedian Paul Gilmartin (A host of Dinner and a Movie). It’s an entertaining podcast that focuses on depression, addiction and other mental illnesses through honest interviews with those in the creative industry.

So far, I’ve listened to the first 6 episodes and I’ll say it’s been very interesting. The show doesn’t dwell on mental illness, rather it’s a peek into someone’s life. So sometimes, it shares their history or relationships with parents that suffered with mental illness, other times it’s about how their illness has moved them forward in a career or how therapy has helped them overcome a challenge. It can be pretty funny, or at times, a little sad, but it’s real life and I enjoy hearing how adults are thriving with whatever they bring to the table.

The host, Gilmartin, does a good job of keeping the interview interesting and funny while showing that he cares for the guests. It’s also pretty fascinating seeing so many creative individuals fighting one form of mental illness or another. Some of the guests so far have been Adam Carolla, an Ex Con Murph, a voice over talent Grey Delisle and comedian friend Jimmy Pardo.

The underlining purpose of this podcast is to reach out to others who are suffering so they know they’re not alone. As its website mentalpod.com states, “This site is not intended to replace the need for medical diagnosis... It’s not a doctor’s office. Think of it more as a waiting room that doesn’t suck.”

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The Mental Illness Happy Hour
Paul Gilmartin
Consulted: May 3, 2011


  1. Hmm. I'm always looking for a good mommy survival technique. I'll have to check this podcast out. thanks.

  2. I'm looking forward to checking it out, too. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Great! Let us know what you think.