Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Proud Moment

Our family is starting to get back on our feet after a series of illnesses, thanks to my mother-in-law’s homemade chicken noodle soup and a lot of rest watching all those recorded DVR shows. I have to admit is was nice to slow down a bit.

Last Tuesday, I took the boys to open house and as expected, it was loud and crowded. My son did a great job of removing himself from the classroom when it became too much for him and would patiently wait outside. This was a big step in seeing him manage his stress all on his own.

After the event, we got in the car and my son started thrashing around in his car seat. It was like there was a fire burning inside his brain. He started wincing in pain, saying something was wrong with him and he wanted to destroy something. As I drove us home, I calmly told him to put his head on his knees to block out all sensory input.

He did it!

This was a big deal! Usually, I give suggestions all the time, but he ignores them, especially in the car. He typically chooses to express his pain in a destructive way, but to my surprise, when I peeked back to his car seat,  he was quiet and had his head on his knees! (Hey, you have to celebrate the small stuff, right?)

Once we got home, we put him in a bath and afterwards he came out feeling so much better.

When his Dad asked how the event went, he said, “Kinda fun, but it was too loud and too many people.”

I was so proud and filled with hope to see him taking these small steps to feel better and especially proud of how hard he’s worked to get through 4th grade. It wasn’t an easy year, but he did it!

I was one proud Mama Bear!


  1. Oh man...congratulations on baby bear listening to you and taking steps to ease his elevating agitation. I can remember being a child and just laying with my face buried in a pillow screaming. I feel for your son, it is no fun. You should be soo proud because these are major steps that I hope he is able to continue to make to calm himself. Also, keeping old phone books that he can tear up when he is in a destructive mode is good. But it is better to calm him down then to encourage the destructive behavior. I think you are both doing wonderfully.

  2. Wah Hoo! My face hurts from smiling so hard. Congratulations dear baby bear! Mama, you are amazingly wise to stop and celebrate these small moments; hurray for you too!

  3. That's awesome, Mama Bear, and definitely worth celebrating. Congrats to you and your son!

  4. Awesome accomplishment. Kudos to your son. (and to you too for staying calmly supportive.) Big smiles!

  5. OMG! I almost jumped up and down reading your post. It gives me so much hope to think that our kiddos could someday learn to control this....

    Celebrate the small victories. Heck, I wouldn't even call this "small" - this is HUGE!!!

  6. Thanks everyone for your positive feedback, it’s made me smile! It’s so nice that others can celebrate the good stuff with me and really understand it’s significance!

  7. This is huge! We struggle with my son being able to use any coping techniques "in the moment." Your son did great.