Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spray Melatonin

My son isn’t comfortable swallowing pills whole, so when we give him his nightly melatonin we have to crush it up first and mix it with a little juice. My sister-in-law recommended trying a liquid form of melatonin that you can spray in your mouth (thanks sis). This week we decided to give it a try. We bought NutraSpray Melatonin by Source Naturals at a local Whole Foods market.

So far it’s been a success. My son sprays two squirts under his tongue and holds it there for a few moments before swishing it in his mouth and swallowing. Each spray contains 1.5 mg of Melatonin, the bottle holds 80 sprays. It even has an orange flavor to make it tolerable. The price was a little higher than the tablet form, but worth it for the convenience.

Wishing you all some fun “family time” this Memorial Day.

* * *

Check back on Wednesday for an insightful and encouraging interview with one of my followers “In The Pink” who will be sharing her story with us as she finds balance in her adult life while living with Bipolar 1 disorder.


  1. Thank you for the lead on the Melatonin spray. I will have to seek it out. I am looking forward to the post with "In the Pink". I, too, have Bipolar 1 disorder as well. Our son who is 8 has it, too.

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  3. YEAH!!! I am so glad it is working. Now I feel that even though I am far away, I can help a little bit. Love you guys!

  4. LOL! You help a lot Dawnelle by loving us as you do!

  5. Neat bit of information. I am going to try it. Thanks :)

  6. a new consultant has taken over the post and all patients that were previously on melatonin are bein taken off. aparently there is not enough research in2 this drug and it can make sum bi polar cases worse.
    we are usin resperidone at bed time.
    we struggled with a sleep disorder for 7 years before getting help. thank god for resperidone i say!
    my child is less aggitated in the mornings. the aggression is less...