Thursday, April 19, 2012

Diagnosing Depression with a Blood Test

Over the last few days there’s been a flood of articles about the ground breaking research for diagnosing depression in teens with a blood test. Developed by a scientist at Northwestern School of Medicine in Chicago, a blood test was used to determine 11 biological markers for depression in a group of teens that are not present in healthy teens.

This is huge!!! This blood test is a significant step in getting not only better treatments and diagnoses, but in eliminating the stigma of depression and other mental illnesses altogether. Once there’s a blood test that can diagnosis the illness, people will understand that these illnesses really do exist and as a result more people will get treatment, producing a better life for not only the individual, but their families. As the study author Dr. Eva Redei put it:
"Everybody, including parents, are wary of treatment, and there remains a social stigma around depression, which in the peer-pressured world of teenagers is even more devastating," Redei said. "Once you can objectively diagnose depression as you would hypertension or diabetes, the stigma will likely disappear." (CBS NEWS, April 17, 2012)
Can you imagine a world where we can take our kids to the psychiatrist and after a simple blood test be able to determine if our child is suffering from depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder? And from there, be able to treat their illness appropriately? I know it seems like a long shot now, but we’re on our way to these amazing advances in science. As our last psychiatrist always said, “We will have better treatment options for your son in his lifetime, it’s going to happen!”

I really believe that.

Check out these encouraging articles below!

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  1. This IS exciting news! Thanks for sharing it, Mama Bear.

  2. wow. I hope it doesn't take a really long time to get enough studies to be used on a regular basis.
    But, there definitely will be better treatment options in the near future.