Thursday, June 14, 2012

Buckle Up—It’s Summer!

It’s time to fasten the seat belts folks, summer has arrived!!!

So we’re almost one week into summer and the challenge has begun. My oldest has been testing limits, displaying defiance with serious eye rolling, even calling me the “B-word” as he reminds me once again that I’ve ruined his life.

This isn’t major stuff, I really can’t complain, but I’m working hard in keeping us on track. I know that as soon as I let up my guard, I’m in trouble. So we’re continuing our modification program with inspections throughout the day along with activities to keep the crew occupied and having fun. I’m a big believer that structure is “King”—it’s my only shot at surviving!

Plus I was told by a professor with mood disorders that one of the single most important things a parent can do to help a child with a mood disorder is to have a schedule and keep to it. That means, waking up, eating, snack time, bedtime all happen at the same time every day. He said it has a positive affect with their circadian rhythms which helps promote optimal moods overall.

Tonight as I was tucking my son in, out of the blue he says, “I’m sorry mom for this week. I’ve been getting into trouble a lot, my moods have been all over the place. I’m just not use to being home all day away from school.”

I couldn’t help but grab him and give him the biggest hug!

Just when I think things are getting a little off track I’m reminded about how far he’s come. Not in a million years would he be able to do what he did tonight, but thanks to his medication and therapy along with a little maturity, we’re seeing amazing things even among the mess.

It hasn’t been a pleasant week, but after his sincere, sweet apology, I have hope in the weeks ahead as our daily schedule becomes routine that my son will feel more settled in and as a result, I’ll be able to enjoy our long days together.

* * *

So what are you doing this summer to keep peace in the home? Please share, we can all use a few tips!


  1. I feel for you. My son is away for the summer staying with his best friend's family which is a major life-saver for me. I can't imagine trying to keep him busy all summer as a 14/15 year old only teen. And with the teen sassiness to boot - which, of course, he is to be able to curtail around the friend's family!

    1. WOW, you get a nice break! Good for you, what will you do with all that free time and peace and quiet??

  2. What a sweet boy he can be. I am so happy he can look back and notice his own trend of moodiness. It may be good to get a mood chart for him that he can fill out at the end of every day. It is something your psych can give you or you can google it probably and print out an example. He may not be interested and that's okay too.

    I am spending my summer working part time and taking it easy. Feels so good to take it easy.