Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cutting Away Negative Self Image

The weekend my oldest son decided to cut his long hair off. He’s been sportin’ a shoulder length shaggy hairstyle for sometime now and held onto it because, “I can hide under it”. Well to our complete surprise, my oldest decided to request clippers at his last haircut. Anxiously I waited for his response as his long locks fell to the floor, but to my relief he only seemed momentarily shocked, but continued on with the cut.

Emerging under all that hair we saw a handsome young man who looks a few years older and has a smiling beaming ear-to-ear. As he puts it, “I feel so much happier now with this haircut!”

I have to admit I shed a few tears of joy as I saw his face in a way I haven’t in years. I was also so proud of his bravery to just “Go for it!”—something we rarely see since his anxieties keep this kind of action at bay.

Now, I pray that he gets a positive response at school, because we all know that what your peers think matter most. In the meantime, I’m embracing this new hairstyle and hoping that along with the long hair left behind, he left his negative self-image on the floor. Don’t we wish it could be that simple?

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