Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Getting My EEG

Today I had my EEG. It was a lot more eventful than I imagined.

First I was told to stay up later than normal and get up earlier to make my body more prone to activity. Once there I was hooked up to the wires, which was a little weird since they have to scrub the skin cells in each area before adding the glue and wire. As the technician was going through my hair to scrub individual areas, I commented that it felt like he was looking for lice, thankfully he confirmed that I was lice free.

Next, I was told to relax and the lights went out and the testing began. At first I felt a few small body jerks, which made me feel relieved because I had worried that my test would be inconclusive if my body never jerked. But from there, things became a lot more active.

I was next told to start breathing in and out through my mouth rapidly for 3 minutes to make my brain waves change, kinda like hyperventilating. Toward the end of the 3 minutes it got harder to breath and I started to feel hot all over and then my body started to shake, I was having full on convulsions. These body shakes came and went constantly, with duration and intensity much longer than anything I ever experienced at home. I remember thinking... I can’t believe this is happening.

Next, they added strobe lights to flicker overhead as I rested with my eyes shut. Instantly I was shaking uncontrollably. My body seemed to take a life of its own and I remember the technicians asking if I was ok, then in an enthusiastic tone, they said, “we’re getting all of this on the video camera too”.

As the testing continued they stopped the strobe lights for a period in which I could relax and maybe fall asleep while they recorded my brain activity, however sleep was impossible because my body continued to shake with countless series of convulsions.

As the test ended the lights came on and they started to remove the wires from my head, but like an old engine turned off that continues to sputter, my body keep convulsing, until they finally came to a stop.

As I left the hospital I felt weak and dazed, even a little nauseous. I tried to call my Dad but couldn’t think of his number, my brain was definitely in a fog and it felt like my organs were still shaking a little inside. Surprised by this reaction, I had to call my husband to pick my up since I knew there was no way I could drive home. On the way home I sobbed. Not sure why, other than I was a complete mess.

Tonight I’m doing pretty good, just very worn out and feeling like my body and brain has taken a beating.

Now I wait to get the results. Hmmm... I wonder what they’ll say?


  1. Thinking of you Mama Bear. This is tough stuff. Although not nearly as tough as you!

    You don't know why you sobbed? I can't imagine how you couldn't.

    Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.


  2. Gosh that sounds like a really scary test. I assume all those things that triggered the convulsions were meant to trigger them--which should at least be informative. We know you're strong, hang in there.