Sunday, March 10, 2013

“Let Me Tell You About My Mods...”

My youngest son has been showing a very typical trait of Aspergers Disorder lately, he has been talking nonstop about Mindcraft Mods, especially when we’re in the car and the actual game of Mindcraft is out of his reach. Yes, Mindcraft seems to be his obsession lately.

What’s interesting to me about his marathon lectures about Mindcraft Mods (Mods according to my son are modifications to the game that he invents) is that he doesn’t really want to have a conversation about them, instead he prefers to just talk at me, most of the time it sounds like he’s giving me instruction on how one would play the modification in the game. I tend to nod my head a lot and give feedback such as “nice” or “hmm”, but most of the time I can’t seem to figure out what he’s talking about. I guess you have to play the game to understand.

Something I’ve noticed that’s a characteristic of Aspergers is that my son does not like to be interrupted during these long monologs and finds any unrelated questions to be a major irritant and just a waste of his time, so I try my best to listen. His brothers on the other hand have had enough of the “Mod talk”, as they beg me, “Mom, please make him stop talking about mods—I can’t take it anymore!”

I have to admit, I find the whole thing kinda cute, maybe because he seems true himself during these moments, plus he always ends his speeches with, “Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about my latest Mod, ok Mommy?”

Ok, kiddo!


  1. hey mamma bear!
    Aspies tend to share some of our NLD characteristics. the obsessions and lenghty monologues been one of them. My thing is cats i know everything about cats and most of the stuff in my room features cats. i love to tell people about cats and my mother always has to rescue the poor person i am talking to.

  2. Interesting, considering you posted about the genetic links study a few posts ago. This is one of the things my son does about video games in general (though I've heard my fair share about Minecraft mods too...) sometimes I try to point out my body language indicating I'm no longer interested in what he's saying, and he will say "I know, but let me just tell you..." it was one of the things that led to his original dx of ADHD, talking like he's being driven by a motor. Does your older son do this about some things too? It seems like the moods drive when this tends to happen with my son, because he doesn't do it all the time.

    1. Good question. With my youngest this is a constant. But with my oldest, it is driven by his moods. When my oldest is in a creative phase he goes into the non-stop talking. He also talks about having a lot of ideas in his head, but with my youngest, it seems to be a preference in how he wants to communicate, he doesn't want to talk about anything else and taking turns in a conversation is something he tends not to do. My youngest appears like everything else bores him, where my oldest seems like he has too much to tell me.