Sunday, March 17, 2013

Missing the Small Things

I have to admit that we’re struggling with going to church lately. Our boys fuss so much during the service that we find ourselves managing their behavior and not focusing on the sermon. It’s exhausting to say the least.

Overtime we’ve found it harder to get us ready in the morning and instead have opted to stay home because it’s easier and we’re just too tired at the end of the week to fight over one more thing with the boys.

So now our attendance has become sporadic over the last few months and I find it affecting my spirituality. I don’t feel as connected and find that I’m not focused on God enough during the week. This is something I definitely want to change, but I haven’t figured out how to help my kids enjoy a large room of people with loud noises and long periods of sitting still. The easy solution would be to have them join the children’s programs, but they don’t want to be there either because it’s a small room with lots of kids and again, noise.

Sometimes it’s the small challenges that wear on you over time.

I miss my church.


  1. Would it be a good occasion to find other paths than church to connect with God and spirituality ?
    Church is one way to connect with God, but there are other means to connect with God.
    There is no one right or wrong way to connect with God and spirituality.

  2. Does your church have a library or other quiet room? Maybe your boys would like a quiet space to go to when the noise gets to be too much. If they do have a library, maybe your older boys could volunteer to put books away or something during the service time...

    1. I’ll need to look into this, good idea!