Sunday, March 3, 2013

Temple Grandin—An Inspiration

I just finished watching the movie Temple Grandin for the first time, I know most of the world has, but if you’re like me and haven’t yet, you’ve got to see this!

I could write an essay about this movie, but I will spare you. I just wanted to share how much this movie gave me a relatable perspective of what my boys go through regarding their sensory issues. It helped me understand what my boys experience and why they react so extreme to what seem to be minor things in life. The scene where Temple struggles going through automatic sliding doors looked just liked the season where I couldn’t get my youngest to go into a Target during Halloween or how he would go into full blown panic mode if he saw an unfamiliar dog walking on his path. As Temple explained, these things “hurt”.

I was also fascinated with her squeeze machine and how she used it to calm herself down, I’ve witnessed this first hand with my boys, we like to call it “heavy hugs”.

I cheered when Temple’s mother opposed the medical community’s advice of having her child committed and instead gave her daughter an opportunity to find her way in the world. As her mother said, she’s “different not less”. This inspired me to continue to fight for my boys and trust my mother bear instincts.

But nothing inspired me more than seeing Temple overcome so many impossible barriers and through her undying persistence, give the world an incredible gift through her brilliance.

This is a must see! I warn you though, you may shed a few tears...

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