Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Positive Step Forward

Tuesday we had our first meeting for our youngest son’s Autism assessment with the new team. It was a huge success. The assisting staff member appreciated all the information we provided and stated that it looked like autism to her and was surprised it wasn’t caught sooner through the school. She was also surprised that my son was denied and IEP and wasn’t receiving more therapeutic services at school. At the end of the meeting she reassured me that once he had his diagnosis she would be able to assist me on how to get the services I needed to help my son the best. As she clarified, it’s the law that the school has to help. Regardless of what happens, it sure felt good to be supported!

After our meeting my husband and I picked the kids up from school together. As we pulled up to the middle school to pick up our oldest son we witnessed a girl laughing and throwing my son’s Pokemon cards into the air and all over the ground after she had taken them from his backpack. As my son scrambled to gather his precious cards in a panic (he explained that he had a few from his cousin worth more than $100), my husband and I jumped out of the car and went face-to-face with the girl. I stared her down as my husband (who is 6'3") had a few words and made her apologize to our son. Just seeing her terrified face was satisfaction to me. As we drove away we high-fived our team efforts, but left feeling bad that our son couldn’t stick up for himself.

Baby steps, right?

Overall it was a winner day. As I was getting ready for our appointment that morning I was overcome with feelings of gratitude, knowing that some families wait an entire year before this day comes and today we were given this incredible gift. I am so thankful. God is good.

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