Sunday, April 14, 2013

Buried in Questionnaires

Right now I’m buried in pages of questionnaires for my little one’s assessments that begin on Tuesday. I have 5 packets in all! You might know the kind, where they ask hundreds of questions such as, What age could your child stand alone? or When was your child first interested in sounds? Forgive me, but I have no idea... these are tough questions so many years later. It’s kinda funny when I hit the obvious ones such as Does your child prefer to play alone? or Is your child sensitive to sounds? These questions make me feel like I’m acing the test, just don’t ask me his Apgar score, because that’s going to require some homework!

On Tuesday, our appointment will be 2 hours with just my husband and I. Next month we continue with several hours of testing with my son, then we get the results at the end of May.

Speaking of results, I got a call back from the first Neurologist who we’ve decided to leave mid-assessment and she has asked that we read the report that she’s going to prepare. She said that after talking to family, particularly Grandma, she’s now comfortable diagnosing him with Aspergers. She said that she really liked talking to Grandmothers since they tend to know what’s best for the child. I agree that my son’s Grandmother rocks, she’s pretty spectacular, but I was a little offended that the doctor didn’t value any of the information I brought to the table. Also, any diagnosis that begins with the word “I’m now comfortable”, doesn’t sound very clinical.    

Either way, I look forward to starting over again this week with a new team. Maybe I should bring Grandma with us, she does rock you know!

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