Thursday, April 11, 2013

Does Your Kid Do This?

Recently our little one has been leaving a trail of Nerf crumbs around the house. This is due to his new behavior of picking small pieces off of his Nerf DS case. He said that he can’t help it and he tried to stop but his body won’t let him. He explained, “My mind can’t get off of it!”

He also reminded me that this is the same thing that he does to all erasers, good luck find one on any of his pencils because he picked them all off. I also noticed that he does the same to his fingernails and on a few occasions when he’s sitting close to me he’ll try to do the same thing to my fingernails.

Does your child do this or something similar?

Poor Nerf case, it doesn’t stand a chance...


  1. no ,my children didn't do this, but they did pull out hair, clear their throat, consistenly "tag" fabric, and "sniff". So.....I think it might be normal "habit" behavior. I found that all of these things pass. Wait it out.....

  2. Children with ASD can do it.
    From what you describe, it sounds that the underlying cause is sensory.

    What I suggest you is giving to your little one things that he is allowed to chew.
    You may find the right tool for your little one after some trial and error. So, don't discourage yourself if you don't find the right tool right away.

    Take care

  3. Yes! My daughter did this when she was younger, her occupational therapist said it was a stress release. We got her a big basket of all sorts of 'squishy' balls, about the size of a tennis ball. Whenever she felt the urge she would hold one and squeeze for awhile. Her teacher let her bring one to school too. Swinging helped calm her too.
    I also just wanted to say Thank you for your blog, I do not feel so alone when dealing with my wonderful bipolar behavior teen.

  4. Yes, chewing erasers especially. He used to bite at his nails and cuticles so severely that he'd bleed. This developed mainly when he was taking stimulantanfor ADHD.

    Here's another one I'll ask if anyone sees- breaking everything. In particular, every remote in the house is backless. It has become a running private joke with my husband and I whenever there's a new electronic device in the house, to see how long the back stays on. I assume it's a motor control issue, not realizing how rough he is with things or being unable to control his movements well.

  5. Oh and my daughter who had an anxiety disorder did the picking thing too. In fact she got ISS in kindergarten for pulling the stuffing out of a display that was in the library, which she had absentmindedly done during story time. Arghhh.

  6. My son does this to everything. He has torn up multiple chargers by picking the rubber off the wires. He peels the labels off every bottle, tears erasers into little pieces, tears stickers off books and the rubber covering off video game controllers. It has actually gotten so bad that he no longer gets his allowance, we put it away to reimburse us for the things he destroys.

  7. My son used to chew his shirts, and we had him wear a therapeutic tubing necklace to chew on in preschool and 1st grade--then he didn't want to wear it anymore, but he still chews his shirts. He also chews his fingernails. In 3rd grade he would cut holes in his shirts and socks with scissors. Now he just picks his socks, so there are little black bits of sock all over the house. Then he complains that his socks have holes in them and won't wear those!