Thursday, May 2, 2013

All is Well

I’m happy to share that my MRI results came back looking good. I was able to see my brain for the first time, pretty cool I have to say! There’s something strange about seeing my “insides” whether it’s my guts or my brain matter, it’s a humble reminder that I’m made of real flesh and bones.

My doctor is now looking into my iron levels, she discovered that I’m borderline anemic and apparently that can really mess with your body. We also talked about my hormone levels shifting as I enter into my 40’s, as she said, “that can cause a lot of unusual stuff!”

If the body jerks continue, she also suggested looking into therapy. As she put it, “you appear to seem pulled together and handling everything pretty well, but considering your circumstances with your children and their challenges, it would be healthy to touch base with a therapist so you can talk one-on-one about what you’re going through to help keep your stress levels low. Maybe schedule a few appointments every 5 years.”

Hmm... maybe I’ll look into that. Has anyone else done that?


  1. Yay! That's great news and must be such a relief. And yes, after Bug was first diganosed, I met with a therapist myself for a while. In fact, Bug's therapist insisted on it for both my husband and I because she compared our situation to living with PTSD. I found it helpful at first, but then it started to feel like we were just re-hashing the same stuff over and over. But I'm sure there may come a time when I will turn to therapy again. Especially when Bug becomes a full-fledged teenager.:)

  2. I've been in therapy for about a year and a half, going every other week for about half of that. (though an insurance change may make it tough to continue) After every appointment I would come out thinking--well I don't think we accomplished much other than chatting. But looking back at where I was when I started--it has been an amazing help. She helped me put together a discipline plan (that while it is still in place--we don't need to utilize) But she also helped me start looking for myself and my strength--I was being consumed by being the mom of a special needs kid--which wasn't doing any of us much good.

  3. My mom has gone to see a therapist and psychiatrist for the very same reasons and it helped her immensely. Take good care of yourself Mama Bear.