Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bipolar and the Flu Connected?

This past week I read multiple news stories about the latest study by the  Journal of the American Medical Association Psychiatry that has linked the flu in pregnant mother’s to an increased risk for bipolar disorder in their children. What was interesting was that the study indicated that the third trimester was the most dangerous time, a time when most women begin to relax being that the baby has already developed so much. In my case this study doesn’t apply since I didn’t have the flu and we have a genetic predisposition to mental illness, but for some of you, this may be something you want to read.

The only thing that disturbed me about this particular news article was the headline:
New Study Links Influenza Infection With Bipolar Disorder; Moms Really Can Drive Kids Crazy

Really... let’s blame the moms one more time because moms just don’t get enough blame as it is already. I know the writer was trying to be witty or something, but I wish the media would be more careful about the blame they direct towards moms. 

(getting off my soap box now...)

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  1. I know right?
    I used to blame my mom for my multitude of (mental illness) diagnoses. But since I have overcome all those issues with orthomolecular medicine via solid advice from functional health Doctors, I no longer BLAME anybody, because now I am completely well. No longer do I buy the lies sold by the psych industry to keep us sick. Now I understand what I heard psychiatrist and brain expert Dr. Daniel Amen says. Dr. Daniel Amen is a brain health expert and has studied brain scans of over 63,000 people. He says, "Did you know your brain is involved with every thing you do? How you think, how you feel, how you act and how you get along with other people. Your brain is the organ that dictates judgement, personality, character and innovation." ~ If your brain is not feed optimal nutrients, it won't function properly. Simple as that.

    Or what Dr. Mark Hyman says: "The truth is that you can’t treat mental illness effectively by using ONLY drugs or psychotherapy. You need to treat the body, because the body and brain are one interconnected system. What you do to your body, you do to your brain. Treat your body and you treat your brain. ONLY when you fix your body will you fix your broken brain."

    In my opinion, THIS statement needs to be plastered on EVERY psych Dr. door. Did you know prior to 1980 they used to do medical tests to help diagnose 'mental illness' ~ But suddenly they stopped and now only write scrips.

    Well, back to the bipolar/flu connection. It does make sense in that infections can affect vulnerable brains. But what they don't tell you is that bipolar is not a life sentence, it merely means the brain is being affected by lack of nutrients, infection, inflammation, gut/digestion issues, or hormonal imbalances, and once those issues are resolved the brain can and will function normally.
    I know because I have healed by brain and so have thousands upon thousands of other people as well.

    I guess you could say my mission in life now is to be an Ambassador of Hope for those that suffer. Because the fact of the matter is the suffering can and will end when the body is healed.
    All the best!