Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I’d Rather He Pick His Nose!

And the picking continues...

Recently I shared a photo of my youngest son’s DS case and how he’s slowly picking the Nerf material apart. Well yesterday I saw evidence that he’s moved on to other things... like my leather ottoman. First I noticed small brown pieces all over the carpet. Feeling slightly annoyed since I’d just vacuumed, I investigated further and found how he’d picked apart the leather on two corners of the ottoman leaving a trail of leather morsels behind. After sharing this with my husband, my husband mentioned, “And he’s doing it to our walls too!” Turns out he’s picking off the texture on our interior walls and also the material on our bar stools. 

I couldn’t get too angry, I was bummed, but I do realize that the poor kid can’t help it. Half the time I don’t think he even realizes it’s happening until after the fact since he’s usually playing with his DS or something when he does it.

After a mild scolding he explained, “I can’t help it mommy, my mind won’t let me stop.” I begged him to please do it to his DS case or anything else he owns, but not the furniture. Please, not the furniture...


  1. Have you thought about OCD for your youngest son?

  2. Yes, I have. I mentioned it to his current doctor who is doing the assessments on him this month. We’ve seen other OCD traits as well. I assume it has to do with that or it gives him some kind of sensory feedback. I’ll mention it to his doctors again when we see them.