Sunday, May 19, 2013

I’m So Proud!

On Friday my oldest son shared with me that he’s the “social brain” for his autistic friends at school. He explained that a lot of kids try to take advantage of these boys so he likes to protect them. He shared how at the book fair another boy manipulated his friend who has Aspergers to spend all of his book fair money on himself. Sure enough, the boy spent over $20 on a book for this kid, leaving no money for his own book. My son stepped in and worked with the school to get his friend’s money back so that he could get the book he intended to buy that day. He also shared how his friends easily get hyper-focused on their card games such as Pokemon, and as a result, they get their cards taken away by the teachers leaving them cardless for the lunch time tournaments. So my son explained how he likes to collect the game cards from these boys before class time so they don’t get tempted to take them out and risk losing them.

I can’t tell you how proud this has made me. To see him looking out for others, and helping them with their own struggles is so encouraging as a parent. Through the years we’ve experienced so many challenges and at times you wonder if your kids are learning all the good stuff you’re trying to teach them. This moment was a beautiful reminder that even though we don’t always see it, our kids are getting it! I am so proud of him.


  1. That is awesome! You and Papa Bear deserve much credit for raising such a kind, empathic and resourceful young man!

  2. Yay! It is so nice to see the good, kind-hearted stuff.