Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More Research Finds Connections Between Autism, Depression & Schizophrenia

I thought you might be interested in another study that’s finding common genetic ground between mental illnesses once thought to be distictly different. (link below):
The latest data suggests that seemingly disparate symptoms — patients with bipolar experience extreme mood swings, while people with schizophrenia often suffer from delusions and paranoia — may not necessarily derive from different genes, but rather from different timing of exposures to risk factors, such as toxins or infectious disease during pregnancy, or early life trauma...
...“We thought these were completely distinct diseases,” says Bruce Cuthbert, director of the division of adult translational research and treatment development at NIMH, explaining that the idea of a distinction between bipolar and schizophrenia has been a core part of psychiatry for over a century. But now, he says, “We’re gradually seeing that these are, in fact, highly related conditions and only appear different from the surface symptoms.”

Pretty interesting stuff huh! This may explain why one family member may have autism and another have bipolar disorder, it’s the same genes, just turned on differently. This research may be the key to finding the right kind of treatment, or better yet, finding out how to prevent the onset of disease where a family history hints its presence. Stay tuned folks, they’re on to something...
Common Genetic Ground Found for Depression, Schizophrenia, Autism:

Health & Family
By Maria Szalavitz
Aug. 12, 2013

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